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Dino Merlin: Music in Sarajevo

October 12, 2023


Dino Merlin: Music in Sarajevo

Dino Merlin

In the heart of the Balkans, the music scene has always been filled with talented performers. However, one name stands out and leaves a deep mark on this area – Dino Merlin, whose real name is Edin Dervišhalidović. Born on September 12, 1962 in Sarajevo, Dino Merlin is undeniably one of the most successful music singer-songwriters and producers of the former Yugoslavia.

Pioneer to “Merlin” Group

Dino Merlin became recognizable as the founder and leader of the “Merlin” group. This group created 11 albums, some of which even reached the prestigious Billboard chart in the United States of America. Their music and energy on stage won the hearts of the audience in the Balkans.

Exceptional Successes

Dino Merlin has become one of the best-selling artists in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, thanks to the impressive sales of his albums and the endless support of his fans. His success is reflected in the incredible fact that he filled the stadium “Asim Ferhatović Hase” in Sarajevo four times in a row with his solo concerts. Also, in 2011, he delighted the audience in Belgrade, playing three nights in a row to a full Arena.

His songs, such as “Burek” and “Superman”, became not only hits, but also musical evergreens that will be remembered for generations.

Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dino Merlin wrote and performed the first anthem of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the song “Jedna si jedina”, which was the official anthem from 1992 to 1998. In addition, he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina three times at the Eurovision Song Contest, once as an author and twice as a performer. His collaboration with other musical greats such as Goran Bregović, Zdravko Čolić, Željko Joksimović, as well as performances with legends such as Ray Charles, Cat Stevens and Khalid, only confirmed his exceptional quality and talent.

Acknowledgments and Successes

Dino Merlin received many awards during his career, including Porin and the Šestoparil Award of the City of Sarajevo, the city’s highest award. His albums achieved gold, diamond and platinum editions throughout the former Yugoslavia. The album “Hotel Nacional” became the only album from the Southeast Balkans that managed to reach the American Billboard World Albums chart.


Dino Merlin was born in the Alifakovac neighborhood in Sarajevo. His musical adventure began as a child of divorced parents, and his mother, Fatima Činjarević, was a bull. Dino grew up in Sarajevo, where he attended elementary school “Moris Moco Salom.” In his youth, he tried to find his way through various jobs in order to raise money for his first guitar, which would lead him towards a musical career.

Music Career

After founding the group “Merlin,” Dino quickly became known for his lyrics that often expressed deep emotions and personal stories. In 1991, Dino Merlin started his solo career, and his albums like “Sredina” and “Burek” won hearts all over the Balkans.

His impressive musical career also includes performances at the Eurovision Song Contest, where he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina and won high positions. The last album “Mi”, released in 2021, testifies to his lasting influence on the Balkan music scene.

Dino Merlin is not only a musician; he is a symbol of the Balkans and his music remains deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of this region.